Big Island Sales and Prices are Up

Both Hilo and Kona are showing increases in number of sales and prices this year.  Residential average sale prices have risen 4% to  19%. Some of this is due to sales of higher priced properties; larger and in better locations.  Puna land prices are still flat or down a little.  With low interest rates, it is a great time to buy.

Hawaiian Paradise Land at the lowest prices in 8 years

Median sale price of lots in Hawaiian Paradise Park (mostly 1 acre lots) are ranging from $24,000 to $27,000 over the past several quarters.  At the market peak in 2005 and early 2006, median sale prices were in the $70,000 to $85,000 range.   This is a great time to buy.   Hawaiian Paradise Park is located about 14 miles from Hilo. It consist of approximately 8800 lots; mostly 1 acre lots with some 1/2 acre lots near the ocean. Elevation is from sea level to approximately 500 ft. above sea level.  Our climate is tropical rain forest.

Posh-te (Annona scleroderma) a Delicious Rare Fruit

Family: Annonaceae. Common Name: Posh-te. Native to Central America. Delicious fruit about 3.5 inches in diameter. The hard thin shell turns almost black when the fruit is ripe. Flesh is sweet, soft and aromatic and delicious; equal to better cherimoyas. Small to medium tree with glossy 6 to 7 inch long leaves. Trees take 4 or 5 years to bear. This species is native to lower elevations and I don’t expect much cold tolerance. In the Hilo area fruit typically ripens in the late spring through early summer.  This species is closely related to cherimoya but is a better choice for planting at low elevations in the tropics. Cherimoya is best with cooler temperatures at higher elevations.

Annona scleroderma fruit. Common Name: posh-te